The salary of Chelsea players for the 2021-22 season

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British newspaper The Sun has released details of the salary of Chelsea players. in the 2021/22 season

The English Premier League team is one of the most ambitious teams in Europe. We can see from the reinforcements. They tend to close in on the players. They want even at the price of a huge price. Including, the team manager If any coach who does not meet the goals they set. 

The latest in the market this summer, they are close to closing a deal for Lumelu Rocalu officially from Inter Milan for 117 million euros.

Let’s see how the billionaire team Chelsea. How much do players pay for wages? picture below Show players name, annual salary (in pounds) and weekly wages (in pounds) respectively.

Credit: The Sun us.

Kai Havertz is 22-year-old. The highest paid player on the team with wages of £310,000 per week. Which is the only person on the team. They is paid at the level of three hundred thousand pounds per week.

Second, Timo Vaner earns £270,000 a week. He is one of only two players who earn over £200,000 a week.

The other eight players are Hakim Ziyech, Antonio Rudiger, Matteo Kovacis, Reese James, Marcos Alonso, Thiago Silva, Jorginho and Callum Hudson-Odoi all earn six figures a week, everyone.

However, if the release of Romelu Lukaku is official. He is expected to earn the highest wages on the team wages of £350,000 per week