Racing Genk prepares to cut the face of signing Agbo to join the team

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Although, Ike Agbo has been given the opportunity to play for Chelsea in the warm-up already. But it seems like a chance that Ike Akbo will continue to play with Chelsea have very little in the regular season. Because Chelsea’s main strength is now considered very strong. Chelsea are preparing for Romelu. Lukaku joins the team It makes it possible that Ike Agbo will be given the opportunity to enter the field almost impossible. There are many teams that want Ike. Agbo went to the team, especially Circle Bruce.

Because previously Ike Agbo just moved to Circle Bruce on loan. He has done a very good job as well. In addition to Circle Bruce, there is also Racing Genk who Are interested in Ike Agbo as well. Although, there are Fulham, Watford, Monaco and Anderlecht. They want Ike Agbo to join the team. But Racing Genk is still The number one favorite to bring Ike Agbo to the team. Chelsea are ready to let Ike Agbo leave the team for more playing time.

In addition to Ike Agbo, Chelsea are forced to sell a number of young players after failing to extend their contracts, and there are also a number of first-team players released. Leaving the team already, whether it is Fikayo Tomori and Olivier Giroud, who moved to AC Milan, as well as Tammy Abraham, who are likely to move to Roma Ma has only agreed a fee with Tammy Abraham.