Mycolenko is delighted to be playing with Everton.

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Everton’s Ukrainian left-back Vitali Mykolenko was delighted to be given. The opportunity to start in Everton’s recent FA Cup win over Hull City. Must play until extra time.

Despite financial problems at the start of the season. Everton had plans to let some players out of the squad. Especially the excess that had already become reserves. New to the team and Everton decided to pull Vitali Mykolenko from Dinamo Kiev to join the team to replace. Luca Digne is preparing to part ways with Everton. Which has Many teams are interested. Especially Chelsea are having problems in the left-back position.

And Rafael Benitez decided to start Vitali Mycolenko in their latest FA Cup match against Hull City. Which was a result of Vitali Maico. To play the full 120 minutes. Before Everton narrowly defeated Hull City and Vitali Mykolenko.

After getting the chance to start in the latest match. Vitali Mykolenko admitted that he was very happy and thanked everyone for giving them the opportunity. He always supporting each other. My first 120 minutes with Everton were great. I have to thank the manager and all my team-mates. The fans who have always supported me. Which is very important.