Azpilicueta: Chelsea should win the Club World Cup

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Cesar Azpilicueta Chelsea’s Spanish defender reveals Chelsea must win titles world club football came. Because he had missed the championship world club football Went unfortunately 10 years ago.

Chelsea have been through to play in the battle. World club football After winning the UEFA Champions League and Chelsea is the number 1 favorite to win the title. World club football came again in 2012. But unfortunately failed to make it through to the final. But lost to Corinthians disappointing and Chelsea had to wait 10 years to pass go into battle world club football. Got it again after just winning the UEFA Champions League was successful.

And with a better coefficient than any other team, Chelsea went straight through to the semi-finals, facing Al Hilal, who had beaten Al Jazeera, if defeated and progressed to the final. Meet Palmeiras immediately, where Cesar Azpilicueta expects Chelsea to recover from 10 years ago by winning the title. world club football It can only be obtained by Cesar Azpilicueta. Interviewed, “After 10 years, I know that winning the championship. UFABET world club football It’s not easy at all.”

“We’ve lost to Corinthians before in the final and that was my first season coming to Chelsea. world club football It will be a difficult task, which in fact it is not at all because to get through there, it has to perform well in the English Premier League and in the UEFA Champions League, which I hope that the experience in the past will be. Help us not make the same mistakes again.”