Napoli have hit out at Kvaratskhelia’s agent and father for telling the media they wanted the player to leave.

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  • Kvaratskhelia’s agent and father have revealed that they want the player to leave Napoli.
  • The Napoli club issued a statement in response directly saying that it was not the rights of the two men to allow players to transfer teams.
  • Kwicha remains focused on leading the Georgia national team to Euro 2024.
Napoli have hit out at Kvaratskhelia's agent and father for telling the media they wanted the player to leave.

There appears to be a huge dispute between Napoli and the people around Kwicha Kvaratskelia. Recently, the Azzura team issued a statement criticizing the player’s agent and father. In the case where both men revealed that they wanted the player to move to another team even though he still had 3 years remaining on his contract with the club and said that they would absolutely not release this player in this summer’s market, even with Paris Saint-Germain. Germain and Barcelona are also interested.

On Sunday, Kvaratskhelia’s agent Mamuka Jujeli told reporters that the player is ready to leave Napoli this summer.

“We want to leave Napoli, but of course at the moment we are all looking forward to Euro 2024. I am sure that Conte will take Napoli to the Champions League and to the Scudetto. But that does not mean that Kvaratskhelia wants to stay here.

“I have not spoken to Kvicha about this yet because he is focused on the national team, but our goal is to have him go to a team that plays in the Champions League. The bad thing is that if he stays at Napoli, he will lose a whole year, and we are worried.

After that, Badri Kvaratskelia The father came out to explain further.

“I don’t want Kwicha to stay at Napoli. He played under four coaches in one year. It makes me very worried. However, my child will decide his own future. I haven’t talked to Kwicha about this either, and I won’t talk until Euro 2024 is over.”

Overnight, Napoli released a statement in response to the two individuals:

“Referring to the statements of Mamuka Jujeli, the agent of Kvicha Kvaratskhelia, and the father of the player Badri Kvaratskhelia, we would like to remind you that the player still has three years left on his contract with the club.”

“Kvaratskhelia is not on the club’s list of transfers and it is not the player’s agent or father’s duty to decide on a transfer if he still has a contract with the club. It is Napoli’s decision!!! The end.”

It is not known how much the hot issue off the field will affect Kwicha’s performance. What is certain is that at this time the player has not yet come out to talk about the matter. Including having to wait and see on the other side Player’s agent and father Will you come out and respond to the ทางเข้า ufabet club again or not?