Meet Hiroki Ito, Bayern’s new signing who comes with a white identity on his right eyebrow

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  • Bayern Munich introduces their first new player, Hiroki Ito.
  • The defender joined from Stuttgart for a fee believed to be in the region of €30 million.
  • People were curious about the white marks on his eyebrows.
Meet Hiroki Ito, Bayern's new signing who comes with a white identity on his right eyebrow

Recently, the giant team of the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich. Announced the addition of a new defender from Japan, namely “ Hiroki Ito ”.  

Many Southern Tigers fans may be wondering who this person Where he comes from and why Bayern Munich agreed to spend over 30 million euros to sign a contract from Stuttgart with a contract for a year. 2028 came to stand with Kim Min-Jae, defender of the South Korean national team.

However, in the opening photo, someone noticed a white mark on his right eyebrow. Which made many people wonder what it really is and what caused it. Today, we will take everyone to find the answer here. 

Back then, Hiroki Ito came through the Jubilo Iwata academy and was given his first-team debut in 2018. He was then loaned out to Nagoya Grampus a year later. But he never really got a chance, making just nine appearances.

After his contract expired, he returned to Jubilo again. But at that time the team’s status was relegated to Japan’s J2, where he became a key player for the ทางเข้า ufabet club, playing continuously until his performance caught the eye of a scout from Stuttgart, who made arrangements to loan him to play in the Bundesliga.

At first, the White Horse Army planned for Ito to learn and adapt to the youth team first. However, when he had the opportunity to practice with the senior team, he performed well and almost immediately became an important piece of the puzzle in the defensive line.

For Hiroki Ito’s performance in his first year, he is guaranteed the Best Young Player of the Month award for November 2021, making him the third Japanese player to do so and the ninth Stuttgart player to win the award. This was acquired from the first time that he was brought in on a loan contract. Stuttgart immediately closed the deal to buy out, which Sven Mislintat. The team’s sports director, said about this player. It said

“Ito has the desire to prove himself. He has the physicality to be good enough for our first team. He can handle everything quickly in his mind,” the sporting director said.

In the 2022/23 season, Ito played a total of 37 games in all competitions. While in the last season he was a key player, touching 29 games. In addition to his skills and performance on the field, another point that catches the eyes of fans when they see Hiroki Ito is probably the white marks on his right eyebrow. These marks are caused by a disease called ” vitiligo “.

Vitiligo is a disease caused by the body creating substances that destroy cells that produce skin pigment Causing clear white spots on the skin. Vitiligo can occur in a specific area or spread throughout the body, and is not a disease that has harmful effects on the body.

Treatment methods include applying medication, radiation, or a combination of treatments, depending on the type of white spots that each person has. However, even though there are some treatments for this disease. Hiroki Ito chose not to receive treatment and let the white spots remain on his right eyebrow.

Later, he revealed the reason why he did not seek treatment for the disease, saying, “One day, I went to eat sukiyaki, and the owner’s son had a hair disorder. His hair turned white before his time. I wanted to be by his side and support him. So I left my eyebrows with white spots like that,” said Hiroki Ito.

And this is the reason why Bayern Munich’s new signing refused to seek treatment for the disease. As for his performance, we will have to wait and see how much of his best form he can show with the ” Southern Tigers “.