Grading Chelsea’s players in the Premier League game, secretly thrilling at the end, leading 3-0, being cut down to 2-3 by Luton Town: Player Ratings

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• In fact, it should have been a game that Chelsea played comfortably from start to finish. With a lead score of 3-0
• However, after being chased 2-3 by Luton, Chelsea did not make another mistake
• And this is the ability score of Chelsea’s players for this game.

Grading Chelsea's players in the Premier League game, secretly thrilling at the end, leading 3-0, being cut down to 2-3 by Luton Town: Player Ratings

As usual, Mauricio Pochettino needs to adjust his team for this game to accommodate the packed schedule at the end of the year. And it should be considered that Chelsea ‘s attacking game did a great job in tearing the lead over Luton Town 3-0, but it was so weak that it was spine tingling at the end. When they were trailed 2-3, they were still able to hold their own until they were able to take out the full 3 points.

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 6 – Even though the ball delivery has problems, it’s not quite on target. But in the first half, it was considered that there was hardly any work to be done when Luton couldn’t create any shots on target. However, in the second half, they lost 2 goals and the ball control throughout the ทางเข้า ufabet game looked like there were quite a few problems.

Levi Colville – 6 – Played solid for the most part. But it couldn’t help the team defend the 2 goals they lost in the end. And coordinating the game along the left line with Jackson doesn’t seem very smooth.

Thiago Silva – 7 – controlled the game as the big brother of Chelsea’s defence, as well as ever. And faced a test from the opposing offense in the first half. However, they couldn’t resist until conceding 2 goals in the final period. That must be counted as responsibility as well.

Axel Disasi – 6 – The strength clearly dominates the home attack line. Only made a slight mistake in taking care of the defensive game at the end. Until showing signs of shaking after losing 2 goals in a row

Malo Gusto – 6 – played outstandingly in the last match. But in this game the role is diminished. Partly because Chelsea didn’t have to focus on attacking too much after the first half already had a 2-point lead.

Moises Caicedo – 6 – Not an outstanding game like the previous matches. When this match has to go down to the lowest level. Stand in the middle and receive full support again. Just play with discipline throughout the game.

Connor Gallagher – 7 – found the opportunity to score the game’s first shot in the fifth minute. But his shot was too light and direct to the home goalkeeper. Then ran a lot as usual. To help both the defensive game and the offensive game. But there are not many opportunities to do it yourself.

Nicholas Jackson – 8 – Deployed out as left wing. This gives you significantly more play space than before. Had a chance to jump in and shoot and save in the 11th minute, leading indirectly to a 1-0 goal, and even though many moments showed signs of movement, It’s easy to raise competitors. But he did a great job with the 3-0 goal, looping the ball away from the defender and stabbing it sharply through the hole for Cole Palmer to close the account.

Cole Palmer – 9 – Emphasizes his importance to Chelsea by being released from his ban and immediately returning to his beautiful form. The first ball was picked up by a Luton defender who sent it out. effectively He scored a decisive counter-attack into the far post. The quick lead goal from the 12th minute made Chelsea play a lot easier after that. Before adding to his greatness by slipping in and locking away from the goalkeeper and defender, he shot 3-0.

Noni Madueke – 8 – won the award for coming off the bench to score the winning goal in the last match. Let’s be real in this game. which even during the first half hour was quiet from the game You can count the number of times you’ve gotten the ball. But from just one chance to finish, in the 37th minute, it immediately became a 2-0 goal. The moment of rocking from the left foot to chopping with the right into the net.

Armando Broya – 5 – Horrifyingly brittle bones In this game, I had the opportunity to support the real target spear, but after playing for 20 minutes, I fell and got hurt. and even still able to play later But it’s harmless. until it was changed according to regulations


Christopher Nkunku (in place of Armando Broya, 62) – 5 – was sent on as a substitute for the last half hour. But not very involved in the game Especially at the end when you have to help chase the ball so that the team doesn’t lose more.

Enzo Fernandez (replacing Noni Madueke, 81) – 5 – was sent to replace Madueke to pack the midfield game. However, it did not have as much influence as expected. And couldn’t help losing 2 goals at the end.

Alfie Gilchrist (replaces Cole Palmer, 90+1) N/A For the second time in a row he has been brought on to help reinforce defensive options in injury time. To fix the score and win