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6 ways to drink delicious coffee and better health

6 ways to drink delicious coffee and better health

Coffee lovers can rejoice when they read this article. After being banned Many people say that drinking coffee is bad for your health , but Health has a great way for coffee lovers to try adjusting the way they drink coffee for each person. It’s not just not damaging your

7 foods to stop the problem of "hair loss"

7 foods to stop the problem of “hair loss”

If you start to see more and more hair falling out as you brush your hair, don’t panic. But please know that You’re not the only one having this problem. But about 80 million Americans, both men and women, I have a problem with baldness. When you get older too Hair

10 benefits of "golden needle mushrooms" for weight loss - diabetes

10 benefits of “golden needle mushrooms” for weight loss – diabetes

“Golden needle mushrooms are delicious in whatever you do.” We are the ones who believe that. Because whether it’s boiled, stir-fried, curry, fried, spicy salad, steamed, put into any menu, they are all delicious. Importantly, golden needle mushrooms are not just delicious. because there are many more benefits After

"Stroke disease" what food should I eat?

“Stroke disease” what food should I eat?

The Institute of Neurology, Department of Medicine, recommends that stroke patients are recurring diseases if they do not take care of themselves. Eating a proper diet will result in good health conditions, helping to control various risk factors. such as high blood pressure Hyperlipidemia, diabetes that causes disease Dr. Nattapong Wongwiwat, Deputy

Foods to "Avoid" If You Are Sick

Foods to “Avoid” If You Are Sick

During the rainy season like this, taking care of your health is something that you need to pay special attention to. When there is an illness, it is necessary to see a doctor for symptomatic treatment. But the matter of food is also something that cannot be neglected. In

5 tips to reduce "belly fat" how to be effective

5 tips to reduce “belly fat” how to be effective

Narrow waist is not for wearing a crop top. or showing abs for beauty only But an excess waist circumference also indicates an increased risk of many diseases, including obesity, heart disease, and high blood lipids. Therefore, reducing belly fat is something that we should focus on. But we