9 ways to cure hiccups Effectively within a few minutes

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Hiccups  are symptoms that can happen to anyone. Caused by symptoms in which the stomach is irritated. The nerves are therefore stimulated to work abnormally. As a result, the diaphragm Or the muscles separating the chest and abdomen are contracted rhythmically. The rib muscles are affected by contracting in the same way.

9 ways to cure hiccups Effectively within a few minutes

The causes of hiccups are both physical, such as side effects from abnormalities in the neck and chest, such as the discovery of a tumor. enlarged lymph nodes or abdominal abnormalities such as peritonitis, kidney failure, or symptoms that occur after surgery As for the hiccups caused by changes in mood, such as sudden shock. or have chronic stress problems

In addition, drinking drinks that contain a lot of gas, alcohol, and eating too much food. Eat spicy food and smokes a lot It can also be a cause of hiccups.

Hiccups usually get better over time. But if there are hiccups during important times, such as during meetings, job interviews, or in public places We want the hiccup to go away quickly. Try following these tips. 

9 ways to relieve hiccups are as follows:

  1. breathing in a paper bag
  2. Chew dry bread
  3. Bend over and drink water from the rim of the glass. from the opposite side or the side that is far from the lips
  4. Take several quick sips from the glass.
  5. Swallow crushed ice.
  6. causing a fright, such as falling off your back suddenly
  7. Apply acupressure by squeezing the https://ufabet999.app area under the thumb of the other hand. or press the groove above the lip
  8. Use your fingers to plug your ears for 20-30 seconds.
  9. Sip fresh lemonade 

If you’ve tried all the methods and the hiccups  still don’t go away, please take it easy and sit and wait for a while. The symptoms will gradually improve soon. But if you have frequent hiccups Or the hiccups are so strong that you have a sore throat, chest pain, or abdominal pain, you should see a doctor for a thorough physical examination again.