7 Warning Signs You’re Dieting Wrong If you know this, tell me not to do it.

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For women who are in the process of dieting which may have to modify a variety of routine behaviors Until sometimes causing various symptoms that has never been before And may cause concern that those symptoms will have a negative effect on the body or not. Today we invite girls. Everyone who is trying to lose weight , check these warning signs at the UFABET same time. Let me tell you that these 7 warning signs are telling you that you are dieting the wrong way.

7 Warning Signs You're Dieting Wrong If you know this, tell me not to do it.

1. Feeling hungry all the time
Remember, dieting doesn’t mean starvation. But it is a diet that is fit and sufficient to meet the needs of the body. Normally, the body should receive 1,200 calories per day if the diet makes you feel hungry all the time. May affect the metabolic system that stops functioning. and may be at risk of gaining more weight than before

2. Think about your favorite food.
If the diet makes girls Keep thinking about your favorite dishes. That’s the warning sign of a bad diet that is telling women. Start a new diet review. Especially thinking about sweets or foods that are full of calories. which the body may receive too few calories

3. Tired and wanting to take a nap all the time.
Feeling tired or wanting to take a nap all the time is chronic fatigue that occurs during a diet Caused by eating small amounts and eating incorrectly.

4. Exercising does
n’t reach the goal. Or the body can’t stand the exercise in the specified period. It may be caused by the body being tired and having no energy to exercise. Considered a warning sign of a wrong diet. It is also a sign that your body is not getting enough carbohydrates and protein.

5. have the idea of ​​postponing the period
when girls have the idea of ​​postponing their period while they are dating Or may make the decision to take the drug to postpone menstruation. This is a warning sign that the diet of women. in the wrong step because it is only thought that it will help reduce the symptoms of eating during menstruation as well Although it is a method that has a very negative effect on physical health.

6. indifferent to work
If you feel tired or lethargic to work while dieting It’s possible that your body isn’t getting enough energy from food. until causing hunger during the day

7. Detach from socializing
Diet that makes girls Fear of going out and meeting people for fear that the diet schedule will not go as planned Sometimes it can cause girls. Acquired a real good shape But it runs the risk of worsening mental health. because of the problem of interacting with people especially with relatives or close friends

Dieting for the hope of having a beautiful body is not wrong at all. But the girls These warning signs should also be observed. because it is considered a signal that directly indicates a problem with physical health Don’t forget that a diet should come with a focus on physical and mental health.