7 foods to stop the problem of “hair loss”

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If you start to see more and more hair falling out as you brush your hair, don’t panic. But please know that You’re not the only one having this problem. But about 80 million Americans, both men and women, I have a problem with baldness. When you get older too Hair loss problems can be caused by many reasons. both follicle and scalp abnormalities, immune system, diabetes, vitamin deficiency having stress including insufficient rest

7 foods to stop the problem of "hair loss"

However, researchers say Such problems can be solved by modifying your diet. By trying to bring the following 7 foods into the daily menu. May help make me stronger. Because these foods There are benefits to the hair itself.

Salmon : Because our hair contains protein fiber. Like nails, that means you’ll need protein. to make me strong Protein is also important in the formation of keratin. Which is an important structure of the hair And a very valuable source of protein is sammon. It will help keep hair strong and healthy because it contains omega-3 fatty acids and other vitamins. integral

Honey : helps to make thin hair thicker, stronger, has been tested with patients with scalp abnormalities such as dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss when using honey mixed with water for hair treatment every day for 4 weeks. It was found that hair loss symptoms improved

Nuts and Grains : According to a January 2015 report in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, women with hair loss problems. After eating nutritious food Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and antioxidants. Within 6 months of contact, hair loss symptoms improved, with 90% saying their hair was reduced, 86% saying there was new hair growth and 87% saying they had significantly thicker hair.

Spinach : One study found that the girl i join. This is largely due to iron deficiency, and vitamin D2 and spinach are rich in iron. and high in vitamin C. This will help our body absorb iron well. We can use spinach to make salads, mixed with eggs and mushrooms, which contain vitamin D. It will help solve the problem of hair loss.

Oysters : Zinc is very useful in treating hair loss. researchers said when measuring zinc levels Of 50 people with hair loss compared to 50 people with normal hair. It was found that people with hair loss had lower levels of zinc than people with thick hair. Oysters contain more zinc than any other food, but other sources of zinc include walnuts, spinach, eggs, sunflower seeds, oats and chickpeas.

Oil : Whether it’s pumpkin oil. rosemary oil or coconut oil. It’s also beneficial to the สมัคร ufabet hair. ever had an experiment Men with hair loss, 400 grams per day, took pumpkin seed oil for 24 weeks and found that 40 percent of new hair grew.

Seaweed : A recent study found that seaweed reduced hair loss in people with mild hair loss. To moderate hair loss After eating seaweed for 16 weeks. It was found that my hair was 13 percent heavier and my hair was 27 percent thicker, and seaweed also helped reduce scalp peeling, inflammation and dandruff.

However, if modifying the food that has been eaten The symptoms of hair loss and thinning hair have not improved. It is better to consult a specialist doctor.